Furniture That Transforms

Hard Drive Table

If you have a passion for the preservation of technology and a healthy appetite, then this hard drive coffee table is for you. Although the idea from Grand Idea Studio is fascinating, there haven�t been any up for sale yet. Hopefully this inspires the technologically oriented to think up some of their own ways to use technology as design.(


Couch/Bunk Bed


This ultra-trendy couch turns into a bunk bed in an instant. It's perfect for small living spaces that need to add a place for a couple overnighters. It actually looks more comfortable than a tradition pull out couch.(



If you've ever had the desire to modernize your unsightly exposed electronics for a get together, the TV screen saver will help with the process. This insertable DVD simply displays a specific color to enhance the lighting/mood of a room.(

Molo's Flexible Wall


This is perfect for large open spaces (such as lofts) that can be configured in multiple ways. This flexible wall provides privacy but still lets the sunlight in.


Trey Chair


Trey Designs created an extremely versatile office chair for the constant sitter. If you get sick of sitting upright, you can transform this chair into almost any position. It's perfect for the sedentary person, the gamer or an internet/comp nerd.(

Puzzle Table


When you get sick of what your coffee table looks like, move the puzzle pieces around to create a new image. (

Couch/Coffee Table


Im not sure of the practicality of this piece of furniture. I suppose it would be fit for smaller spaces that require functional versatility. (

Coffee Table/Bench


This table is perfectly designed for the advid television watcher who likes to put their feet up on the coffee table. Now, thier heels won't hurt as much. = )(

Hanging Wall Chairs


Awesome hanging wall chairs. These are extremely slim, hangable pieces of functional art that can be used as chairs at a moments notice.(

Transforming Kitchen


This is an awesome piece of kitchen furniture that includes everything but the appliances. When you're finished eating, slide the chairs and table back into the cabinet and its all tucked away for more space in the room. (



This is an awesome transforming bench that is made out of a type of plastic that's suitable for all weather use. This is a trendy way to setup large scale seating arrangements.(

Flexible Bench Video


This is an awesome video demonstration of how flexible a bench can be!

Transforming Dining Room Table/Desk


This amazing furniture serves multiple functions and takes up little space. Its a fantastic live/work implementation. The Designer, New Yorker Jeewon Jung definitely provides us some food for thought on this table that can be inverted to be for eating or working...awesome. (

Transforming Coffee Table/Chair


This "Mogga" transformer is both a table and a chair. From an Icelandic designer, this design used tambour wood, making it flexible. Its designed for small spaces, and can transform into a number of different shapes. Apparently its function was inspired by old breadboxes that have a similar sliding wood function. This would be perfect for a tiny apartment. (

Transforming Sofa Car


This awesome sofa is not just for sitting....its also the worlds fastest motorized sofa, going an amazing 87 miles per hour. It has a v8 engine under its cushions, and has 220 horsepower. The man who built this sofa also build a 4 post bed with an embedded 1800cc Volkswagen engine...and a full washroom on wheels. Amazing. (

The Sofabike


Looking for a greener version of the motor-sofa? Here is the Couchbike. The two men who constructed this bike/sofa toured the maritimes (eastern canada) on this bike/couch. The guys even have a website about their invention and adventure. Visit it at

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