Unusually Innovative Modern Furniture

1.Tree Chairs

-A Tree Thrown

This first piece is some amazing art/furniture. Created by Nirandr Boonnetr, who started shaping trees about 1983, these chairs are one of a kind. Boonnetr describes his techniques in the book Arborsculpture- Solutions for a Small Planet


-Pooktres Sculptures

Other sculptors, like Peter and Becky of Queensland, are growing and shaping extremely detailed and balanced arborsculpture.They call their trees Pooktres.

2. Earth Furniture

-Lawn Chair

Our next piece is some amazing lawn furniture that is actually alive. The following shows a great way to do some quick and dirty Topiary Gardening yourself. The Grass armchair is easy to create. You will need about 240 litres of soil, to fill in the frame. Spread grass seeds evenly over the dirt, press them in and water slightly so that the soil is humid. After 10 days the grass starts to grow. Once the grass has reached 10cm, cut it down, and you've got a really impressive, not to mention practical, place to sit.

-Lawn Couch

How much oxygen did your furniture produce today? Unlike your standard-issue sofa, this one can be brought to life. Note: Couch may require mowing. -source

3. Futuristic Furniture/Rooms

-Multi Functional Spinning Wall

At first glance, TurnOn is reminiscent of a human-size hamster wheel. The arrangement would consist of several revolving modules linked together. Each module's interior would be outfitted for a specific room or function, such as a kitchen, bedroom, or exercise room. The wheel literally turns, and as the positioning of the module changes, so does its function. For instance, while cooking, the couch becomes the ceiling, the dining table a wall. The Wet Cell is the module that would house the bathroom, including the toilet, shower, and bath. One would simply rotate the module to utilize one of the facilities. This seems like an ingenious invention for those lacking space.

4. Chimera Furniture

-Ten Legged Rocking Chair.

This amazing design features point-to-point linear rocking. In the form of Contraforma's Ku Dir Ka plywood rocking chair, there's something quite unnatural. It makes one want to sit just to see if the thing actually rocked like one would expect.

-Three Way Rockin' Reader

I'm not really sure why ,but this sort of thing really strikes me as a bit creepy. Oh well, who am I to judge. I guess for parents of more than one kid, this chair would probably come in very handy at reading time.

5. Amazing Beds (If you have seen this already, I'm sorry. It was too cool to not include)

-Magnetic Levitating Bed

This amazing bed is held up 40cm by a permanent magnetic force due to elements in the floor as well as in the object. Thin steel cables assure it's position and the smart use of steel plates and air make the object userfriendly by strongly decreasing the magnetic force where it's not neccesary. Different possible uses such as a bed, sofa, Japanese dining table, display for objects or as a base for a floating pavilion can be used of since the bed can carry a load of 900kg.-source

-Floating Free Bed

This innovative bed design comes from German mathematician and designer Max Longin. The Float bed is suspended from a ground-based structure made of wood with metal hardware. This bed was also designed to be easily assembled and transported. -source

6. Lounging Around

-Sushi Lounger

Designer Sascha Akkermann has devised an ingenious aid for summertime relaxation. His Poissonmobile functions both as a mat (organic picnic anyone?) and a chaise lounge. The inspiration for the piece came from the little reed mats used to make sushi. Sascha’s goal was to use a flexible surface to achieve a stable body. perfect for using in your preferred outdoor envirornment. And when you’re done, roll it up and just tuck it away next to your beach towel. It’s that compact.

-Loungin by a vine

This chair is made of Liana (vine) and painted steel frame. Every one of these chairs is 100% unique and take on an awesome shape. Its definitely not your mama's chair....

-Y Bench

This innovative bench allows you to transcend the ephemeral park bench with an endless selection of forms and shapes that can be realized by a adjusting a series of interlocking wooden boomerang Y's. -source

7.Innovative Storage

-Dual Use Divider

Multi-usage piece of furniture that anyone can use as a screen in the middle of a room to separate places, and at the same time it could be used as space for storage if you turn some of the individual shelves. If you don’t want it to be in the middle of the room you can just push it to the side and close it in order to work as a decorating piece or with some open shelves as storage.

-Crazy cartoon furniture.

Crazy cartoon furniture. This sort of thing might make me feel like I was on drugs, so although this probably doesn't appeal to most adults, it would be pretty cute in kids rooms.


Inspired by the type of marine crustacean, These BARNACLES are adaptable storage vessels. Nothing is lost in their one-piece design. I'd definitely put these in my room.

8. Furniture that comes to life

-Peeing Table

It's pretty gutsy to give your piece of furniture a negative name like "Bad Table" but then again the people at Straight Line Designs seem to have guts to spare. Who else would make a table that's lifting up its leg and peeing on your floor? I don't know how much of a market there is for this kind of, er, creativity, but give them points for trying.

-Buck The Talking Stag

Buck, as he is called probably fits better into "decorations" instead of furniture, but I thought this was so funny that I couldn't resist adding it. If you remember Billy the Big Mouth Bass, this takes that idea to a whole new level. Not only does Buck sing prerecorded songs, but he also speaks with your voice via wireless remote! Here is a great video from Iwantoneofthose.com showcasing Buck's talents.

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