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Wild Contemporary Furniture

1.Live Furniture (kinda)

Well, it was this awesome or a waste?

As a form of art, or possibly as a hobby, people around the world are manipulating the growth of trees to create interesting designs. In this instance, the tree was apparently grown to become some trippy looking mushroom bar stool. I'm not sure that this is worth all the work this must have taken...I would have left it in the ground.

2.Porta Potty Bathroom Furniture (sorta)

How long can your carry this around the office before your coworkers take notice ?

Japanese business professionals participated in extensive market research in ways to better maximize time efficiency and encourage higher job performance. As a result, Niban Too Corp. of Japan came up with the Gotta Go Briefcase for an extra edge over corporate competitors.

YES! I always wanted to crap in my briefcase!


3.Gun Furniture

It may help promote gun control...but would you sit on it?

I would never, ever in a million years sit in this thing. It is a rocking chair created out of guns and gun parts, soldered together. I'm sure its safe, but I couldn't sit in it without thinking there was a slight chance I might get shot.

The second one, I think, is slightly worse considering the gun barrels are actually pointing at your face.

this last one is actually pretty more than any of the others. And don't forget to offset these gems with these lamps made by Phillipe Stark. Thanks Erikw for the tip!

4. Contemporary Furniture that wants to move..... well not really.


5. Tetris Furniture

Kids Furniture with that Game Boy Nostalgia

On a lighter note, this is a pretty awesome idea for kids furniture. Its tetris pieces made out of foam and covered in soft vinyl. Who wouldn't have loved this as a kid. Talk about building cool forts.

6. Floating Furniture

The Hammock of the Future

I would definitely buy one of these things if I had a nice big tree outside. Its like a really comfortable one person hammock. Apparently these things were such big sellers that another company ripped the idea off. Personally I think I might like the ripped off version better.(second pic)

7. Freakin Expensive Furniture this is just overboard.

Ok, remember that really expensive chair that was ergonomically designed...with the black mesh seat and back (a few of you are probably sitting in it right now)...well, this blows that out of the water. This chair isn't just a chair. Its a freakin ergonomic masterpiece, workstation all in one. They should try to get Stephen Hawking to give this thing a spin.

8. Creepy Furniture

I'd like this....if I were on Acid

We've already seen living furniture, but this thing is a little on the creepy side. Who knows if you can actually sit in it, but it just seems to have that trippy "Alice in Wonderland" feel to it. I wonder if this one is a mod of an ordinary chair, or if it was design to be this strange.

9. Innovative Furniture

I wish we had these when I was in college.

Now this is innovation. Althought they definitely could have made a better use of space on their cutout, this is a pretty awesome idea. I wonder how much money this would save in packaging and hauling costs.

10. Environmentally Conscious Furniture

Dumpster Diving was so last year. Here is some recycled furniture of the future!

Speaking of innovation, here is a fantastic way some designers decided to recycle old bicycle parts. I'm not sure how comfortable these would be, but man, what an awesome look...

The second image is apparently a seat/bed/lounge mande out of recycled foam. It looks to me like someone went to Bed Bath and Beyond and went a little crazy with those pool noodles....might be fun.

11. Built in Furniture

Just spin it around.

This last one is an idea from Costco of all places. Its a wall divider that took its premise from those beds that fold out of the wall. You can spin the center of the divider so your flat screen faces into either room, with shelves or storage on the opposite side. This is a great idea that would work really well in a roommate situation.

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